Self-Storage: Keep Vintage Toys Safe

Self-Storage: Keep Vintage Toys Safe

Self-Storage at Christmas

Who remembers the classic toys such as, Barbie, G.I Joe and Camelot? If you do, sadly these vintage toys could be collecting dust in the attic, getting broken with all the pressure of years and years of storage boxes piling up on them. Maybe it’s best for you to keep them safe and secure in Self-Storage here at Blue Box Storage Doncaster. Maybe, sometime in the future, your Son, Daughter, Grandchildren may come across them in self-storage looking a lot better than they did stuck in the attic.

Are Vintage Toys Valuable?

Vintage Toys are more than just a Childs Play thing, they’re antiques! According to Blue Box Storage, an item must be at least 20 years old to be considered vintage, while an antique is at least 100 years old, regardless to which toy is vintage or antique, our Self-Storage boxes are safe and secure.

Limited access makes it more desirable, and collectors or nostalgic buyers are willing to pay more. Condition is also a key factor. While some buyers don’t mind a little wear, you’ll get top dollar if your toy is unused and in its original box. If that’s the case, making sure the original box is always a must when storing it away.

Are Toys still Desirable?

If you don’t want to store the vintage/antique toys away, then the other tip would be to advertise on eBay, which was used for Pez collectors to connect, buy and sell items of interest. Still have that Action Man doll from the ‘80s? You could be a few hundred dollars richer if it’s in mint condition. Your collection of wrestling videos could be worth a ton of money; a single WWF VHS tape can fetch as much as £250. And if you spent a good portion of your millennial childhood with your nose in a Harry Potter novel, you could be in luck. If you own one of only 500 copies of the first edition, you could net five figures from the sale of your book.

Use Self-Storage

If you need a push to clean out the attic or your self-storage unit, this is it! We are open 24/7 every day of the week, with high-end security systems in place to make each container as safe as possible. Still need more room? Contact Blue Box Storage Doncaster – Self-Storage, we offer affordable storage in Kirk Sandell.

How do I get a Self-Storage Unit?

The Self-Storage units can be rented by the week or month for as long as you need it for. Though some units may use smart keypads, others may need your own padlock, and, unless you’ve agreed otherwise, you will be the only person with access to your own Self-Storage Box.

You can come and go at the space during normal working hours, or outside of them if arranged by Blue Box Storage, which has facilities in Doncaster, Kirk Sandell. Check with your home and insurer to see if your cover extends to goods in secure storage. If not, most storage space providers can provide insurance cover for you. Some providers won’t let you in without proof of insurance. Others leave it up to you but won’t take liability in the event of damage or theft.

Assess the level and type of security on offer. This should include not just the hardware the service has in place – such as CCTV or alarms – but the systems in relation to visitors. Most will require photo ID and proof of address before you gain access to your storage facility. Blue Box Storage Doncaster – Self-Storage is the industry’s main trade body and its website is a good place to start if you’re trying to find a provider near you.

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