Investors eye up Europe’s Self-Storage sector

Investors eye up Europe’s Self-Storage sector

Investors eye up the Self-Storage Industry

So, the new year, the new decade, 2020 is in full swing – with the self-storage industry attracting a more diverse range of investors within the growing consumer demand in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Mobile populations and smaller living spaces are driving the self-storage business around Europe and the round the world, through the roof! With the European market also attracting £250 Million worth of investment in 2019. As the industry grows for another year and decade, it’s continuing to attract new investors. Investors are looking for more reliable income streams and from an income perspective, self-storage is a very predictable and dependable sector.

Different routes to exposure

A lack of access routes is a stumbling block, says Bryan Merrett of Blue Box Storage Doncaster who points to a fragmented European market, where most facilities are owned and operated by small businesses. One of the biggest barriers to entry for institutional has been the lack of scale in the self-storage industry. Development of a sizeable portfolio of high-quality facilities in good locations take time. However, as more professional self-storage businesses become established, investors are turning to joint ventures and forward commitments.

Storage in Doncaster

Listed self-storage specialists, such as the Doncaster’s Blue Box Storage, have also grown in scale and offer an alternative route for investors to gain exposure. They even have a second part to the business which helps other smaller businesses set up This is what Bryan Merrett has said: “We have lots of businesses using our Self-Storage units, why! It’s a finally a good solution to keep your tools safe, keep commercial stocks that you need to store and professional equipment that cannot be left in a van overnight. Need more information”

Growing the Self-Storage Market

A recent growth spurt in Europe’s self-storage industry remains undersupplied, with 4,350 facilities in the Yorkshire region such as Doncaster, Hull, Sheffield and Leeds. But expansion is happening and could accelerate, listed on Euronext Brussels, Europe’s largest self-storage developer and operator, continues to expand, having recently added four properties in France. The Industry is growing and it won’t be long until the United Kingdom and the Yorkshire Region will take on board the effect.
With Europe’s top 10 operators accounting for just a quarter of the region’s 4,350 facilities, it is likely the industry is going to consolidate over time. It’s not unreasonable to think that in a few years, the larger players will have got bigger. It should then go towards satisfying the demands of investors looking to allocate large tranches of capital in one movement.

New Year, New Me

If you’re one of those people thinking about doing a New Year’s resolution for 2020 – have you thought about it and are you going to keep it up throughout the new year, we suggest that you don’t give up on the chocolate and actually do something that is actually… New. Let’s see, your home is cluttered all the way up to the ceiling, what do you need? Self-Storage – 2020 is the year where self-storage is going to help you excel in having your home decluttered and clean. Maybe it’s time to get sending the house party invitations, you will want to show off your new clean home.   

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