Brexit Uncertainty for Self-Storage

Brexit Uncertainty for Self-Storage

It’s the final countdown…. Just like the famous lyrics from 80s Rock band sensation Europe, it will soon be the Final Countdown until the United Kingdom leave the European Union with or without a deal!  But with the Uncertainty surrounding Brexit there has been a boost for Self-Storage and warehousing in the United Kingdom and Doncaster alone.

According to a recent article, the UK are scheduled to leave the European Union (EU) on the 31st October 2019 – a third target date since voters decided to leave since the 2016 referendum. Local businesses in Doncaster have been using Self-Storage units and facilities to stockpile their inventory on products of food and textiles in case of a shortage and delay in ports from Europe following the United Kingdom’s exit. The flow of everyday goods to and from the United Kingdom is due to slow down as we process the aftermath of Brexit, especially if a deal cannot be reached between both the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Self-Storage after Brexit

Blue Box Storage – Doncaster Self-Storage, a company based in South Yorkshire have benefited primarily from small and mid-sized businesses that have been using Self-Storage units as a way to lower the pressure on bringing in imports from other EU countries. Using Self-Storage provides local Doncaster businesses a degree of cost stability giving employers a breath of space since the changes to import tariffs after Brexit still remains unclear.

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Since the first “Brexit Day – or B-Day” in January of this year, 75% of British workers and business owners were using Self-Storage in full storing capacity, and the prices increased by 25% due to a rise of Brexit-related inquiries. Many resources, suggested that UK based sellers should start using European Self-Storage units to avoid shipping delays, according to our sources.

Seasonal Self-Storage

With 17 days left to go until the 31st October deadline, the main problem is that it coincides with seasonal Self-Storage needs that are related to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas. Many retailers use Self-Storage facilities for additional inventory needs during the fall to meet orders.

In Previous years, Self-Storage has been increasingly busy and challenging during the seasonal period, with a shortage of space and units left for sellers. In 2019 during the Brexit aftermath is likely to be extremely difficult for Self-Storage owners will contend with not only the shortage of warehouse space, but the divorce of the United Kingdom and the EU will cause many people to jump ship and store as much as possible in Self-Storage containers, causing a traffic jam of people wanting to store their products.

Affecting the Household

Even the housing market is grinding down to a halt in Doncaster and Yorkshire, with even less people wanting to land themselves on the property ladder. This obviously does not bode well for Self-Storage units in and around the country. Increased rent coupled up with very high price rises, especially in the Doncaster and Yorkshire region.

Self-Storage depends on homeowners who are looking to store their belongings in a safe and secure location, with 24/7 security such as Blue Box Storage – Doncaster Self-Storage. Many offer additional services including storage for business, students, boats and vehicles but a large piece of the pie belongs to household storage. While reasons for renting a Self-Storage unit may vary – from decluttering, spring cleaning and home improvement – moving house is one of the most common.

Buying a property in nearly impossible during the current state of affairs of Brexit, as a result there is little or no need for Self-Storage. For most part, homeowners cannot afford to move, which means they cannot afford to rent a Self-Storage unit. Why do we need a self-Storage unit? Unless Doncaster homeowners are renovating or moving homes, many storage facilities are paying the price

High-Ho Silver Lining for Self-Storage post Brexit

With many people focusing on the negatives about how Brexit could impact Self-Storage, some still believe that there are some positives and that the United Kingdom will bounce back. During the last recession in 2008, the industry saw a massive boost and whilst it slowed during the recession, it never dropped. Self-Storage remained resilient and who’s to say the same pattern and projection won’t apply to the Brexit effect?

The economy often slows down during a heavy hit like a recession or soon to be Brexit, but therein lies a silver lining. Similar to businesses downsizing, homeowners tend to relocate and often take advantage of affordable, secure, and flexible Self-Storage facilities. In truth, past trends in the economy market indicate that slowed transitions generally result in a longer Self-Storage terms.

Although some companies might be affected from Brexit, Blue Box Storage – Doncaster Self-Storage still thrives and continues to provide quality, affordable and flexible Self-Storage solutions to our customers.

4 Reasons to use Self-Storage after Brexit

  • Downsizing: With trade deals still in a general grey area, there is no doubt that the future of local businesses in Doncaster, South Yorkshire would be in danger should EU countries vote against the UK deal. The EU can impose a borderline unethical tariff, which means deals that can drive up imported goods to up twice its normal price.

UK residents have found it prudent to rent Self-Storage units near their houses for them to have space for their belongings. Downsizing is not just for those who want to save money. Seniors who have lived the prime of their youth often choose to downsize as they feel that they do not need a large amount of space already. Married couples whose children have all moved out also feel the same way.

  • Move easier: Speaking of moving, another reason why Self-Storage facility are being rented is because there are a lot of unwanted accidents that may fall on your items when moving. One way to make everything more efficient is to store the items that you’ve packed into a storage unit until the moving day. 
  • Decluttering: Countless UK residents will be travelling a lot once Brexit is imposed. Businessmen along with salesmen will be going on international and local tours. This means that they would need a storage container for their stuff. Valuable items that they want to safely secure while they are away can be stored in a Self-Storage facility until they come back. On the other hand, incoming businessmen would also want to rent a storage facility especially if they will be travelling all around the United Kingdom. By keeping all their belongings in one place while they travel light, they can save up on a lot of travel costs and also removing the hassle of carrying so many items.
  • Stockpiling: With the prices of imported goods threatening to increase, many UK Residents are already stockpiling imported goods such as canned goods. Buying now to enjoy later seems to be the motto of most residents. Of course, if you know that a certain good will have a price hike, you would want to buy them when they are still cheaper.

Self-Storage facilities for personal use of stockpiling is not as necessary. However, this is important for companies who are also stockpiling on their products and raw materials. Many of the raw materials that UK companies use are from outside the country. With the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, it is expected that raw materials will be much more expensive. To add to the injury, this would mean that even locally produced goods would also increase in price.

While Brexit does bring so many uncertainties, there is no need for a nationwide panic just yet. There are a lot of steps that may be taken to protect you and your family from the ramifications that leaving the European Union would bring. One just needs to keep a cool mind during trying times and do research before making a life-altering decision.

Why Choose Blue Box Storage – Doncaster Self-Storage

Nationally, warehouse space is becoming scarce as more businesses look for space in which to store excess stock. We still have units available in Doncaster and across the rest of Yorkshire, all within easy reach of major road networks. For a low, weekly rent, you can keep a unit with us for just 7 days or for as long as you need, with no long tie-in periods. Nobody knows how long the current levels of uncertainty will last, but you can keep your Self-Storage unit for as long as is necessary.

At Blue Box Storage, you can increase or decrease the size of your unit if you find you need to stockpile more over time, or if your stock depletes and you no longer need as much space. You’ll never need to pay for more space than you need.

Our units are outdoors, but the Self-Storage are monitored by CCTV and staffed by our helpful staff. Many of our stores have 24-hour access available and dedicated business units, and many have trolleys and forklift truck services to help you to load and unload your stock.

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