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Questions you might be afraid to ask about Self Storage

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Blue Box Self Storage
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It’s a scary thought, leaving your belongings away in a Self Storage Container, away from your house, will it be safe? Even asking questions can sometimes be daunting. What if they come across as stupid? We don’t think there are any silly questions, which is why we’ve outlined the ones we think you might want answers to below.

How much is Self Storage?

Look, people don’t want to look cheap, and you’re the same. We all love to look rich and show off with some expensive item of clothing, but the good news is you don’t have to with a “get a quote” system. Type in your details and the online calculator will do the rest. Then, all you need to do is compare the quotes to find the cheapest one. “Ahem, that’s us, Blue Box Storage Doncaster – Self Storage”.

Questions you might be afraid to ask about Self Storage 1

What are the best Self Storage deals?

At Blue Box Storage, we have things such as a “Free Collection” service as well as a 3-month special offer discount, but that’s just because we’re incredible (and possibly the best Self Storage units in Doncaster) Other Self Storage companies will do it differently so you need to check first.

Why do I need it?

Yes, it’s not uncommon for Self Storage specialists to pick up the phone and explain why their services are worth the investment. And, it isn’t a daft question because we are best positioned to explain. You might not understand the cost benefits to keeping your belongings in a unit or the cleanliness advantages. Even the hassle-free nature of a house move might not hit you until you speak with an expert.

What is it?

Again, there are too many options on the market to get to grips with it by using Google. The short answer is a place to store your valuables if you’re moving house, moving a child to university, or need office storage. Alternatively, it’s an excellent place for sentimental stuff which is a little impractical. For example, a piece of furniture which you’ve had for years and can’t bear to take to the skip.

Questions you might be afraid to ask about Self Storage 2

Is it Safe?

The security of your possessions is paramount so you shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask specific details such as: do you need a code to enter? are there CCTV cameras to record activity? For us, the answers are a resounding yes. Plus, we also encourage our customers to fit a sturdy padlock for extra protection.

We take the security of our site and of your stored goods with the very up most of importance. We look at every pre-caution to ensure every one of our customers has complete peace of mind. Entry to the site is gained by a personal remote key fob, each entry and exit is logged on our system for future reference if required

We have floodlights with 24 Hour CCTV and remote monitoring across all the site. We also have a 6ft high security fence and crash barrier internally within the perimeter of the site. We cannot stress enough the pride we have on our site, and more importantly it’s security. It is this combination that gained us our trusted reputation. We believe we truly have the very best in Self Storage in Doncaster.

Is there insurance?

And if there is, is it included in the price? There is nothing as boring as dealing with this topic, yet it’s important because things do go wrong from time to time. If you pick a bespoke option or go it alone, please make sure you don’t undervalue your goods. The last thing you want to do is to find out the policy doesn’t cover the replacements. Check out our summary.

Questions you might be afraid to ask about Self Storage 3

Can I contact Blue Box Storage Doncaster – Self Storage? Businesses are constantly outsourcing their customer service needs to cut costs. For you, this means having to deal with people who might not speak great English or understand your questions. It’s a delicate balance to get right, but there is nothing wrong with asking for the UK or head office contact details.

Can I see your reviews?

Yes, you see our Google Reviews here!

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Comprehensive Storage Solutions for any situation


Whether you need to safely store your car while you are away for a vacation or you need to park your business van with your valuable trade tools in it, our gated vehicle storage units will be ideal for short and long term requirements.


Our business storage solutions are just right for you! We provide secure storage units to store all your extra office items or your trade supplies that need long term storage. If you run your business at a constrained office, do give us a call!


Finding extra space to store your personal belonging that keep growing day by day is no more a headache! Our secure storage rooms will be ideal for you to store any and all of your personal belongings that need to be organized and kept. 


If you run an office or any establishment which requires you to store years and years of paperwork, your storage space will run out in no time! Hire us to store your documents which does not require constant attention.


Moving a house can be an exceptionally distressing time and you may need to vacate your existing home in no time. Make use of our storage solutions to keep all your house hold items until you settle with your new home!


We as humans are always bound to buying newer things based on the trend, but then we realize that we have limited space at home! We provide solution to store and de-clutter all the items that you do not need on a regular basis.


Getting rid of items with sentimental value is difficult, which is why we have storage units which will help you when downsizing your house. Be it moving to a smaller home or renting out a space, use our storage to get more space!


Re-Decorating, no room to move it all, Do not damage your furniture during house renovations like painting or building work! Store everything with us for as long as needed during renovation and put them back in place when your ready.


Blue box storage spaces provide storage units for students which can be accessed anytime and would go easy on the pocket. Our storage space is safe and we ensure all your products will be secured in your designated vaults.


We take the security of our site and of your stored goods with the very up most of importance. We ensure every one of our customers has complete peace of mind. Our Self Storage units have Secure 24 Hour CCTV and 24 Hour Access.


Convenience is essential. Entry to the site can be gained 24/7 by a personal remote key fob, with each entry and exit logged on our system, giving you complete control of your belongings. The storage units are independent of each other .


We follow a simple pricing structure that goes easy on your pockets at the same time not compromise of safety and security provided. You can choose from a variety of hire period from one week to even years making it more flexible.