New Arrivals is a major Life Events

Nothing can truly prepare you for the arrival of your first baby, you’ve been told thousands of times, “it’s going to change your Life!” but until that little bundle of joy arrives you won’t know just how true that really is.

How to Prepare for your New Arrivals

Your new baby will be sleeping in your room for the first six months, don’t worry if you haven’t got the nursery set up and ready as soon as you both leave the hospital, however, trust us when we say it’s easier to get the room ready now than it would be whilst caring for a six-month old.

Perhaps you have a spare room, or an office that could be quickly transformed into a Nursery but what would you do with the other furniture? Well here at Blue Box Storage we’re here to help.

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Preparing your Home

Baby-proofing your home goes in stages. At first, you won’t need to do much because your baby will be largely immobile; then you’ll need to move everything up a bit when they start to crawl, and up a bit further when they start to walk. Eventually, they will learn to climb and that’s when you may have a ‘little monkey’ on your hands.

Once your home is clear and ready for your new arrival, it will be much easier to enjoy the time you’ll have together. Soon you’ll be hearing people say, “They grow up so fast…” well, they do so make the most of being together special.

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