Moving in Together in Doncaster

Congratulations guys, you’ve taken the next step in your relationship by moving in together after celebrating your wedding or perhaps taking the big leap into this journey.

Moving In is a major life events

Living with your significant other and building a loving home together is a milestone, but it can also come with plenty of stress. Here at ‘Blue Box Storage’, we’ve assembled some handy tips for couples moving in together to help you on the right path.

5 Tips for Couples Moving in Together

  • Take an Inventory


If you’ve both lived on your own before, you’re likely to have some duplicate items, such as, chairs, dining sets, etc. So, sit down with each other and go through a list that you may own and compare duplicates, decide which should be coming and which to throw away.

  • Should it Stay or Should it go?

High emotions will be in order, especially if there are memories attached to a particular item. Take time in deciding which item will be making the move to the new house, or which should be going into storage – whatever you choose, putting anything in storage with us will be safe and secure, and you can always take it back whenever you need it.

  • Make Compromises

Your new home is a shared space, it shouldn’t need to feel that it belongs to just one person. Work from each other, see each other’s side of view when sorting out the moving process.

  • Make room for Upgrades

This house could be your only move, it could be one of many for the future – it doesn’t matter, you must know that you will need to upgrade some appliances and that’s okay. Living together means sharing items that you’ve bought, even if it’s a new toaster or a washing machine.

  • Consider Space

Once you’ve everything into your new home, picked out what you’re both keeping and what to get rid of, you might want to look into how much space is available in your new home. You don’t want to overcrowd the house with belongings – so, you might want to consider Self-Storage or Storage Units.

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