Bereavement Storage

People can deal with bereavement in lots of different ways, some struggle more while some throw themselves into practical tasks straightaway and may not feel the loss until much later. There is no such thing as a ‘normal’ grief: everyone copes in their own way.

Whenever you are ready to tackle the practicalities of losing a loved one, you may struggle to know what to do with their belongings – no doubt, this is always at the back of your mind, and even going through them can be an emotional rollercoaster.

Bereavement is a major life events

One Step at a Time during Bereavement

Don’t feel rushed into disposing of their belongings. You may come to regret parting with certain items, either for sentimental or practical reasons. If you have to sell your loved one’s home quickly, don’t be hasty in giving away or selling their belongings: there are other options. Blue Box Storage can help you through this process at your own pace.

Once the items of sentimental value have been divided up and taken good care of in our Storage Units, you can then turn your attention to everything else.

Looking for more domestic storage space? Look No further, we can help.

Ultra-secure self-storage space for business or personal use, based in Doncaster. Store your items safely and securely from just £25 per week at our Doncaster site, but we also cover areas in South, West, East and North Yorkshire – so, if you have clutter in your home, store it with us; Blue Box Storage. 

Looking to store a Garage load in Storage? before your POSSIBLE move to Doncaster – Are you looking to move your stuff in about 4 weeks time for an unspecified time. Contact us here for all Prices available for a Storage Container and units in Doncaster and the other surrounding areas in Yorkshire.