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Home Office Ideas for Lockdown

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Blue Box Self Storage

Nearly all of the UK who isn’t a Key Worker is working from home and doing their part in helping to defeat COVID-19 by staying in. Now, we admit working at home may have its benefits such as staying in your Pyjamas all day to pretending to be somewhere more exotic in your Zoom meeting – but you might want some Home Office ideas to help you freshen up your work schedule.

Modern home office

What is a Home Office?

Our Experts here at Blue Box Storage in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, say that home office can help maximize space and creativity – which means you will feel fresh and up-to-date with your work load, and not feel tired and distracted from all the craziness of ‘Home Life’.

“Your Home Office space should inspire you” – Bryan Merrett, Blue Box Storage. Don’t be afraid to go all out – One way to glam up your Home Office is by refreshing your lighting. An eye-catching lamp will give your space a luxurious, yet professional feel. Also, lighting can help concentration – sitting in a dark room can cause you to feel drained and tired.

Add Green to the Room

Breathe some more life into your makeshift office, so you will want to stay longer and get more work done. if these elements aren’t in place, you’ll end up working at the kitchen table! A lovely plant is said to help keep you feeling calm and clean the air—plus it looks pretty too.


An Artsy Room

Even if you’re crunching numbers all day. “Fill your office with vibrant art to energize your space and make you feel motivated. All the great artists work in weird and wonderful rooms, so why shouldn’t you?

Need Storage?

The one main issue about working from home, is working around clutter – such as, letters, kid’s toys, boxes from the office. Where are you going to keep all these things when you’re trying to create a safe haven while in Lockdown?


Blue Box Storage Doncaster is here to help – we are still open with restrictions due to social distancing, but we have storage containers available for you to use and help de-clutter your home… I mean ‘Home Office’.


If you’re interested Contact Us here or book online to visit our site (in a safe manor of course.)

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Home Office Ideas for Lockdown

Nearly all of the UK who isn’t a Key Worker is working from home and doing their part in helping to defeat COVID-19 by staying in. Now, we admit working at home may have its benefits such as staying in

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Comprehensive Storage Solutions for any situation


Whether you need to safely store your car while you are away for a vacation or you need to park your business van with your valuable trade tools in it, our gated vehicle storage units will be ideal for short and long term requirements.


Our business storage solutions are just right for you! We provide secure storage units to store all your extra office items or your trade supplies that need long term storage. If you run your business at a constrained office, do give us a call!


Finding extra space to store your personal belonging that keep growing day by day is no more a headache! Our secure storage rooms will be ideal for you to store any and all of your personal belongings that need to be organized and kept. 


If you run an office or any establishment which requires you to store years and years of paperwork, your storage space will run out in no time! Hire us to store your documents which does not require constant attention.


Moving a house can be an exceptionally distressing time and you may need to vacate your existing home in no time. Make use of our storage solutions to keep all your house hold items until you settle with your new home!


We as humans are always bound to buying newer things based on the trend, but then we realize that we have limited space at home! We provide solution to store and de-clutter all the items that you do not need on a regular basis.


Getting rid of items with sentimental value is difficult, which is why we have storage units which will help you when downsizing your house. Be it moving to a smaller home or renting out a space, use our storage to get more space!


Re-Decorating, no room to move it all, Do not damage your furniture during house renovations like painting or building work! Store everything with us for as long as needed during renovation and put them back in place when your ready.


Blue box storage spaces provide storage units for students which can be accessed anytime and would go easy on the pocket. Our storage space is safe and we ensure all your products will be secured in your designated vaults.


We take the security of our site and of your stored goods with the very up most of importance. We ensure every one of our customers has complete peace of mind. Our Self Storage units have Secure 24 Hour CCTV and 24 Hour Access.


Convenience is essential. Entry to the site can be gained 24/7 by a personal remote key fob, with each entry and exit logged on our system, giving you complete control of your belongings. The storage units are independent of each other .


We follow a simple pricing structure that goes easy on your pockets at the same time not compromise of safety and security provided. You can choose from a variety of hire period from one week to even years making it more flexible.