Why A Student Could Use Self-Storage Space

While studying as a university student you may walk around wherever you live and decide that you should probably do something about all the clutter and put it in a self-storage unit. Or you could possibly discover that you just can’t move around freely or you need the extra work space. There is a multitude […]

Bullying in the Self-Storage Industry

Cyberbullying victims need more support and attention to tackle this insidious threat. At Blue Box Storage Doncaster, we are passionate about educating you about bullying through our medium of work, and we believe that Self-Storage can make a real difference. We provide a helpful and friendly service that we use to obtain an understanding towards […]

The Future of the UK Self-Storage Industry

Ladies and Gentleman, thank you, we did it! The Future of Self-Storage is experiencing growth in the UK, with occupancy and profitability on the rise as well. In the rest of Europe, the Storage units’ sector is more fragmented; and whilst it is still growing, growth is slower and the uptake remains low. So, what […]

Self-Storage Tips for Your Business

One of the Key features that we offer here at Blue Box Storage – Doncaster Self-Storage is flexibility, and whether you’re a new starter or a well-established company, there is no denying that flexibility helps remove the stress as you and your business grow. However, how exactly can your business benefit from our Self-Storage solutions? […]

Things that go “Boooooo!” Self-Storage Halloween

Men and Women of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange…. That’s right, it’s currently half-term and soon to be a festive day for children, no not Christmas… Halloween. The 31st October will bring hordes of sweet-devouring Zombie School Children roaming the streets in full costume.  We know that sometimes, you just want […]

How to Improve your Home this Fall with Self-Storage

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the days unfortunately get shorter but that means you get an extra hour in bed! I couldn’t think of anything better staying in bed, keeping warm during the colder months.  At Blue Box Storage – Doncaster Self-Storage, we have pulled together our five top tips that you […]

Self-Storage Provider Blue Box Storage Doncaster Addresses Mental Health

‘It’s okay not to be okay’ – Doncaster-based Blue Box Storage – Doncaster Self-Storage, which operates more than 1,500 Self-Storage units across Kirk Sandall, South Yorkshire is expanding its resources on Employee Mental Health and urges other companies to do the same. It is important that a company must offer its employees comprehensive mental and […]

WHY YOU USE BOXES? Doncaster is seeing an increase of Self-Storage

An Increase in Self Storage Development in Doncaster, South Yorkshire keeps on coming with a rise of high-end Cinemas, theatres, and the popularity of History and Culture within the Town, even with Self-Storage as well. However, some residents are yet to use the facilities. The Increase of Self-Storage units are popping up like wildfire in […]

Brexit Uncertainty for Self-Storage

It’s the final countdown…. Just like the famous lyrics from 80s Rock band sensation Europe, it will soon be the Final Countdown until the United Kingdom leave the European Union with or without a deal!  But with the Uncertainty surrounding Brexit there has been a boost for Self-Storage and warehousing in the United Kingdom and […]