Investors eye up Europe’s Self-Storage sector

Investors eye-up the Self-Storage industry So, the new year, the new decade, 2020 is in full swing – with the self-storage industry attracting a more diverse range of investors within the growing consumer demand in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Mobile populations and smaller living spaces are driving the self-storage business around Europe and the round the […]

Self-Storage is About Safety, not just about Storage Space

When enquiring about our Self Storage here at Blue Box Storage Doncaster, customers should always ask about what kind of security and safety services come standard with the price of a Storage Box. We can put your worries to bed. The Self-Storage industry is a massive business to be in, despite its growing interest in […]

Why do Doncaster People Rely on Self-Storage Boxes?

Here at Blue Box Storage Doncaster, the Self-Storage industry is growing massively in Doncaster and the UK because people are finding it more convenient to use Self-Storage boxes. Storage boxes provide a multitude of benefits tom people, perhaps that’s the reason more and more providers such as, Blue Box are expanding across the United Kingdom […]

Self-Storage: Keep Vintage Toys Safe

Who remembers the classic toys such as, Barbie, G.I Joe and Camelot? If you do, sadly these vintage toys could be collecting dust in the attic, getting broken with all the pressure of years and years of storage boxes piling up on them. Maybe it’s best for you to keep them safe and secure in […]

Is Self-Storage Essential in Doncaster?

Is a safe and reliable Self-Storage company, like Blue Box Storage in Doncaster, essential?. For anyone, moving house, getting construction work done, or leaving to go on Holiday (hopefully, somewhere nice and hot!) for a while, or evening making space for some extra guests, as it is getting to the time of the year – […]

Winter outside… for Self-Storage

The days are getting shorter and darker, it seems like that there’s not enough time in the day to do anything. But us at Blue Box Storage – Doncaster Self-Storage have put together a list on how you can prepare your home this Christmas/winter. It’s time to say goodbye to the Summer clothes you’ve been […]

Top Packing Tips for Self-Storage

What is our Top Packing Tips? What is our Top Packing Tips? It doesn’t matter if you’re moving, renovating or decluttering or perhaps getting ready to have the extended family over for Christmas, we know how the Mother-in-Law can judge you on the clutter! Whether you’ve made room in your garage, up in the attic […]

Self-Storage Predictions for 2020

Bryan Merrett of Blue Box Storage – Doncaster Self-Storage is predicting where the industry is going in 2020 and the new decade. For Blue Box Storage, we are composed of a small facility operator in a handful of big-name businesses that dominate the storage market.  Despite this however, self-storage is experiencing growth that will continue […]

Self-Storage: Interior Designs for Winter

Here at Blue Box Storage – Self-Storage we have the best interior designs this winter, and well we love the famous line, “Winter is Coming”, and it certainly is in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. With all that’s happened in the last couple of weeks due to the tragic Flooding in Bentley, Kirk Sandell, Goole, etc. We’ve […]

Elf-Storage for Christmas

Ho, ho, ho! Where does Santa store his Presents? In Elf Storage! Blue Box Self-Storage Doncaster are offering you the chance to do the same this Christmas, why clutter your home in trying to hide the kids’ presents? We are doing our bit to help parents during the run-up to Christmas by offering free “Elf […]